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Inola, Ok.

Little Creek Bee Ranch & Supplies

Where Beekeeping futures begin!

Little Creek Bee Ranch

Where Sustainable Beekeeping futures begin!

Advice, guidance & private coaching....priceless!!

Sharing your Beekeeping experiences with family members, is exciting and helpful. An excellent way to build great relationships in the family or with friends.

We have a lot to offer. We're known for our "teaching & coaching" in Sustainable Beekeeping.

Ken Davis

P.O. Box 1233

19386 E. 595 Rd.

Inola, Ok. 74036

[email protected]

Phone #: 918-798-2251

Leave name & number, will return your phone call ASAP!

Would you like to learn more about

Sustainable Beekeeping?

If so, have a close look at the

"Personal Advisor Program"

$29.95 per month

Our #1 service to date. Coaching, guidance & advice in order to get your "Learning Curve" down & your "Bee IQ" up quickly.

Here are a host of benefits that are included. A powerful combination.

  1. Mid-Month Newsletter, with 3 awesome lessons.
  2. End of Month Conference Call sessions, for Q&A's.
  3. Four FREE Zoom classes each year!
  4. One-on-One Phone appointments as required.
  5. Text in Questions, for a quick response.
  6. Class tuition reduced 50%, taught in Inola, Ok.
  7. Private Coaching & ongoing Support.
  8. Self-paced program, working at your speed.
  9. High Priority, you trump our own work.
  10. Huge Value in learning!
  11. FREE Field Days, to see "hands on" issues.'ve got the questions, we've got the answers & strategies.

If you're serious and would like to begin, go ahead and click on the "Subscribe" button above. Can be canceled upon request. Please know, that it takes about 3-5 years to learn Sustainable Beekeeping skills. The more you ask, the more you learn. 

This is a big one! What's your current