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Inola, Ok.

Little Creek Bee Ranch & Supplies

Where Beekeeping futures begin!

Sustainable Beekeeping classes

Clear us the confusion in your Beekeeping efforts. Consider the Personal Advisor Program, a private coaching service. You can learn more at this site.

Is this how you feel?

Please join us at our next Sustainable Beekeeping class! If you can't make these dates, no worries. We teach a rotation of 6 different classes throughout the year, except December (family time).  Coffee and donuts, as always, are on us! 

Please Read before Sign Up!!! - We require a minimum of 4 students to hold a "face to face" class in Inola, Ok.  If however, we don't have 4 students signed up, that particular class will be canceled.  DON'T FRET, we'll send you a Zoom class link that you can download, on the same subject, that you can watch over and over and keep.  You won't lose out.  The Zoom class is the SAME presentation(s) we give in class.  All sales final.

2023 Spring & early Summer time Class schedule

To see all the class dates and times, please click the ORANGE button below.

If you wish to sign up for any of our classes, please click the "Sign Up" button below.  If you have questions please call or text us @ 918-798-2251.  We will call you back ASAP.  Be sure to text us your name, e-mail address, phone number after registering. Otherwise we have no way of contacting you. 

Use the ORANGE button below to find your dates & sign up. 

If you're a Personal Advisory Member, your cost is $30 per person.  If you're a Street Student (not in the P.A. program), your cost is $50 each. Please make certain you're on the correct Sign Up button when you register & pay. can pay at the door, but please text us your full name & e-mail address so we can add you to the roster.  Thanks, Ken

Sign Up!

918-798-2251 if you have questions for us.

If you've missed a class, no worries, we teach 6 different classes, in rotation, throughout the year.

To see all the class dates and times, please click the ORANGE button above.

Here are the class titles & dates;

1) Basic Beekeeping; Apr 1, June 24, Sept 23

2) Beekeeping with Essential Oils; Jan 28, Apr 15, Jul 8, Oct 7

3) Swarm Management & Prevention; Feb 4 , Apr 29, Jul 22

4) All About Bee Pollen; Feb 18, May 13, Aug 5

5) Acoustic Beekeeping; Mar 4, May 27, Aug 19

6) Sustainable Queen Rearing; Mar 11, June 3, Sept 2

........More class dates for later Summer & Fall will be posted as we reach the month of June. 

Also, check to ensure that the class is still being held, BEFORE you decide to make the drive. 

The class address is; 110 N. Broadway, Inola, Ok.  74036

Thanks, Ken Davis

Note! We usually never teach classes in late Nov & December, it's just too busy with Holiday activities. We need a break and it's family time, Holiday time, & more! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! See you in class.

(FYI -  Also, check to ensure that the class is still being held, BEFORE you decide to make the drive.)

What's happening to our bees?!!

I think you would agree, that we are a nation that is addicted to "pesticides & pills" of all sorts. In the past several years, we have seen a tremendous decrease in our National Honeybee population. Much research has been done in order to determine why this is happening. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out some possible causes; maybe we use too many HARSH PESTICIDES in our local environment, and that it might have an adverse affect on such beneficial insects like the Honey Bee. I may not be able to control where the honey bee goes to forage for nectar and pollen, but I can control what I put in their hives for pest management issues. Through much research and study of our own, we have learned how to use only Essential Oils on the bees to keep them healthy. After nearly 17 years of hard work, we are happy to share our oil strategies with other serious Beekeepers, in order to protect our Honey Bee population.

So, if your seriously interested in keeping bees, have you thought about how to keep them healthy? Little Creek Bee Ranch is teaching a class on how to keep Honey Bees healthy, by using Essential Oils. We've kept bees on Essential Oils for nearly 10 years now. This is a little known skill. Once you learn how to use only Essential Oils, you won't want to use traditional pesticides on your bees anymore!

What's Essential Oils? Canola oil, Spearmint oil, Lemongrass oil, Wintergreen oil, Tea Tree oil, etc. When these oils are used, sometimes in combination with each other, you're able to kill out the Pests that the Honey Bee often battle. i.e., Small Hive Beetle, Varroa Mite and Tracheal Mite. These pests can be devastating to the colony. Many beekeepers lose colonies and never know WHY they lost them. Learn how to help your bees KNOCK OUT these pests the easy way. I refuse to use HARSH PESTICIDES on my bees. I don't need to do it that way anymore.

If you're interested in attending our Essential Oils class, contact us soon for further details. I will give you all of my recipes and resources and detailed instruction. Get your name on the list ASAP!

It is suggested that you have already taken a Basic Bee class from a nearby bee club, or that you have already kept bees for more than 1 year, before attending this class. This is considered an Advanced Beekeeping class, and covers subjects related to the Bees health. Hope to hear from you soon. I think you'll really like what you hear!! Others have!

Thanks, Ken Davis - Little Creek Bee Ranch, Inola, OK.