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Inola, Ok.

Little Creek Bee Ranch & Supplies

Where Beekeeping futures begin!

Our Uniqueness

Apivox Smart Monitor

We're the first Beekeeping operation in North America to operate & teach, how to use the Apivox Smart Monitor. We call this "Acoustic Beekeeping" and is very powerful. The Apivox is an app on our Android device, that can sync with our Bluetooth ear piece. The Bluetooth is then slipped into the front porch about 1", as we stand behind the colony and take Acoustic diagnostic readings. Much like you'd take your vehicle to the dealership mechanic for maintenance. They'll hook up your vehicle to a computer and in a few minutes tell you all about the operation of your vehicle. This is exactly what we're doing with the Apivox Smart Monitor. It will analyze the bees vibrations and interpret these sounds in the form of dials and graphs and give us a report and feedback. Apivox Smart Monitor is stunningly accurate and powerful. The knowledge we gain is significant, .... all without opening the hive! Apivox will tell me if the colony plans on Swarming soon, or not. If the colony is Queen right, or not. If they're building up big brood, or not. If they're putting up big honey, or not. If the colony is stressed by too much CO2 in winter time, or not. And much more. Don't be a doubter. We've been teaching Acoustic strategies using Apivox since July 2016. This is cutting edge, beekeeping technology. We've even had PhD Entomology professors visit us from Oklahoma State University, to watch us and learn. Needless to say, they were stunned. Want to learn more? Here's the link to the Acoustic Beekeeping page.

Solar Powered Ventilation

We commonly use 21 Solar Powered Ventilators on our production colonies to gain a greater honey volume and improve the health of the colony. Queens lay a much better brood pattern when there's better airflow.

Essential Oil program

Ever since we started beekeeping in 2005, we learned how to use various Essential Oil strategies to knock out Mites and Beetles, at the same time, promote colony health. Proven over time, Essential Oils on bees is not new.

Personal Advisor program

We teach "our sustainable beekeeping system", through personal coaching, guidance and advice. This program typically lasts 5 to 8 years, and produces excellent Sustainable Beekeepers. Click the link to learn more; Personal Advisor program

Sustainable Queen Rearing system

Raising some new Queens ought to be fun and exciting. Not tedious and stressful. We never use traditional grafting techniques to create good Queens. Everyone can raise some great Queens, once you learn some simple strategies to do so. Once learned, can never be taken away from you. Very nice! 

Year round teaching

There is much to learn in Beekeeping. We teach various beekeeping classes year round. We're heavy on the "teaching side" of beekeeping. You can't eat an elephant all in one bite. But rather, a small bite at a time, over time, you can accomplish the same goal. See our Bee Classes Schedule for current dates and times.

Pdf E-book series

Conveying what we do and how we do it, is best done in a pdf booklet. With diagrams and pictures of various strategies, protocols and principles. This form of teaching has become popular for us, as the students can "refer back" to particular pieces of information for further study later.

Non-Traditional Beekeeping practices

We employ various "non-traditional" beekeeping practices, that align more with how the bees operate, versus whatever is popular at the local bee club at the time. "Contrary beekeeping" is the phrase that comes to mind and fits best for our style of beekeeping practices.

DVD Learning Center

We've created the DVD Learning Center, which includes a host of learning DVDs for those who are "visual learners", much like myself. Once you can actually "see" something done, it sticks. Here you can learn many various strategies, tips and tricks to improve your beekeeping efforts and practices.

Ken Davis

P.O. Box 1233

19386 E. 595 Rd.

Inola, Ok. 74036

[email protected]

Phone #: 918-798-2251