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Inola, Ok.

Little Creek Bee Ranch & Supplies

Where Beekeeping futures begin!

Protein Candy Blocks

Time and time again, the Bees tell us what they really want. They very much prefer the Protein Candy Blocks, versus traditional white sugar blocks. It's all about the "nutrition". It's not the SIZE of the block that matters, it's WHAT'S IN IT. Every season, we make up lots of Protein Candy Block, and add in some Brood Builder powder.

($30 ea., FREE shipping! All sales final)

Protein Candy Block

We DO NOT like to give wet pollen patties, for fear that the female Small Hive Beetle will lay hundreds and hundreds of her eggs inside the wet pollen patties. A huge mess. Beetles can't do much with a hard candy block.

Many years ago, we ran "top feeding tests" on 21 colonies. We gave them a pile of white sugar on newspaper and a Protein Candy Block. We gave them several weeks, and then checked. There's was no doubt in their preference. I had to go back and SCOOP UP over 5 gallons of white sugar. They didn't even want to process it. Ignored it! The bees COVERED the Protein Candy blocks. They also ate the first one, within about 10 days. The 2nd block, they consumed in about 1 month. The 3rd, in about 1 1/2 - 2 months. And this got me into early Spring. What happened here?

Every Fall, the bees head into Winter time "nutritionally deficient". They work like mad, trying to recoup all the nutrition they lost over Summer time. This is why you find bees at the edges of muddy pond banks, creeks, in swimming pools, etc. They're after the MINERALS. Since bees work on a principle of "balance", it's up to the Beekeeper to acknowledge this and help the colony get back into a more balanced "nutritional state". The Protein Candy blocks help us, help the bees.

If you care about your colonies as much as we do, please consider giving them a Protein Candy block. And then check on them in about 3 weeks. You'll be surprised. Bees won't process or eat, what THEY do not like. Bees never lie. Always remember, when Fall time comes, the bees are fighting to get back INTO balance, since they're nutritionally deficient.

A few tips; Storage - leave in open air. No frig. No freezer. Store in the house with stable temps (71-72F)

Installation - on top, horizontal. Or vertical between frames. Over the brood nest. REMOVE FOIL BEFORE INSTALLING.

Pickup - Yes, you can set an appointment for pick up in Inola, Ok. Cash only please.

Questions - text or call, 918-798-2251, Ken


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